Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~ Welcome to Dawggone Cute Creations! ~

Hi there!  My name is Velma and I am so pleased that you have stopped by for a visit.  The name Dawggone Cute Creations came about when I got a cute little Havanese puppy that I named Banjo.  I fell in love with this little booger and thought how fun it would be to start an online shop creating accessories using dog-themed fabrics and so I started making vintage style aprons, tote bags, camera pursebags, doggy harness clothing and accessories.  Well, not everyone is a dog lover so I have added a line of accessories using adorable and fun fabrics.  Thus, the name of my online shop is also the name of my blog.

So, what is this blog all about you ask??  Well, of course, I will be sharing some of the new creations that I add to my shop. I look forward to sharing craft projects that I make for my home and sewing projects that I make for my family. I will do a tutorial from time to time about some of the sewing tips that I have learned over the 40+ years...whew, that's a long time!!

I have also had about that many years of cooking experience and will be sharing favorite recipes not only from my cookbook collection but those I have "borrowed" from others and those that have been in my family for many years, traditional holiday dishes and so much more.

Over the years, God has allowed me to wear many hats...some of them for a short time and some for many years.  Being a wife, mother, grandmother are the hats that I am most proud of and which I am most blessed to experience.  At this time in my life, wearing the hat of grandmother or "Mammer" is the one that blesses me the most!

One of the most favorite hats that I have worn is that of a bed and breakfast owner.  What I had to do to get my house ready to receive guests; decorating rooms; preparing meals, encouraging guests to write in the journals...these are just a few of the things that I want to share about a most interesting and blessing-filled time in my life and I look forward to sharing many of those wonderful experiences with you.

I love antiques and all things that are old, shabby, worn and even chipped.  I'll share with you those things that I have collected and those that I find when I'm on the hunt.

I love to collect poems, quotes and inspirational thoughts that make me smile, laugh and even cry; some that touch me deeply and some that change the way I think and act.  I look forward to sharing those with you and maybe you'll share some of yours with me.  We can smile, laugh and even cry together!!

Having this blog allows me to not only use it as a creative outlet for the things I love ...living the country life, my scrapbooking hobby, traveling in our RV, sharing stores about my immediate and extended family; how I went about making my new farmhouse style home look old; laughing at myself and at life, sharing stories or experiences that touch me and may even make me cry; and about living this wonderful life that God has given me!

More importantly, I look forward to using it as a type of diary for my children and grandchildren ...a collection of memories, thoughts and inspiration.  Maybe it will answer questions that may cross their minds from time to time..."Why does she have that old cookbook?  Why did she start the ironstone collection?  Why does she like antiques?"....things that I may have talked about may be forgotten over the years but they will have this blog to remember when I am too old mature (as my Dad likes to say) to tell the stories or after God takes me home. Though not perfect by any means, that they see a reflection of Christ in me...who I am, what I believe, how I live, what I have become..this is the most lasting memory that I want them to have of me.

Whether you are part of my family, an old acquaintance, an old friend or a new one....my prayer is that you find my blog interesting, touching, a learning experience, funny and inspiring.  I would be so delighted if you come back time and time again to see what I am blogging about next.

I look forward to meeting you and having you as part of my blogging family.

I pray you have a sunshine-filled day today ~

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